August 12, 2010

London photo of the day

My friends in London often tease me because I always take photos of buildings, people, signs, food and so on. I always have the camera in my bag because you never know what you will find. Landmarks like St Paul's Cathedral, Gherkin, London Bridge, London Eye and Big Ben are my favourites. You can always find a new angle or the sun is shining in a special way or there is a close up you haven't thought about before. St Paul's Cathedral and Gherkin have a special spell on me. Both probably because they are also are beautiful pieces of art and design.

Earlier this week just for fun I uploaded my favourites London photos to Mesomo which run photo sites for London, Paris, New York, Munich and Berlin. Every day people get to vote for which photo that are going to be the London photo of the day. This morning I had a tweet saying that today's photo was going to be my photo of Gherkin. Yeah!

Even though it's just a website I feel quite honoured and happy. Taking all those photos for years finally paid off.

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Jeanne @ CookSister! said...

Congrats - that's great!! I'm alwo always taking photos of landmarks (either that or food :o))