August 22, 2010

The perfect cereal

I'm on a quest to find the perfect cereal, or at least a cereal that I like. Growing up cereals were something other families ate for breakfast. We were a pure bread family and sometimes eggs on weekends. Probably why I still find fried egg and toast very comforting.

When going to school in Texas I think I tried every possible cereal out there and I did find a favourite - Apple and Cinnamon Cherrios. I've never found them in Sweden, which probably is good because they are not as healthy as they look. Or at least that's what I've been told.

Trying to eat better and healthier the last couple of years I've been doing porridge for breakfast during the week and cereals for the weekend. Still though I haven't found a cereal that I can call a favourite. The one that I keep coming back to whenever I need a bit of rest in my quest is Special K Red Berries. It's a nice mix, but I need to eat to a lot to keep me full. Otherwise I'm jut hungry in an hour again. And yes Special K Chocolate and Strawberries is nice to. Especially when you want and need chocolate right this minute, but still it's not a good breakfast cereal.

Yesterday and this morning I tried Nestlé Fitness whole grain flakes which I really liked. Especially how crunchy they were and that they actually kept me full until lunchtime. I will give it a couple of more weekends before I can tell it's the perfect cereal or not, because it has to be out there somewhere.

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