August 24, 2010

More books

Having been back at work for more than two weeks now (time flies) I still try to keep up my reading habit. Reading is good both for your body and mind.

Solace of the road
Holly Hogan is a 14 year old who has been living in residential care home and now lives in a foster home. She has pretty much locked away what happened in the past, but she daydreams about going to Ireland to find her mother.

One day Holly finds her foster-mum's long blond wig. Putting it on she becomes Solace. A women of the world who makes her own choices, and not the restrained Holly who just does what she's told. Wearing the wig as Solace and with not very much money she hits the road to go to Ireland.

It's a rather bitter sweet story of all those children who grow up with the state and social workers who say they care, but the children hardly feel it. At the same as you you feel sorry for Holly/Solace and her life you also feel hope. Hope that life and the future can always be better.

You don't have to be good
Bea is woman who all her life has been good, sensible and dependable. Married to a man who only thinks about himself and with a job at the city council which means drowning in emails she decides to disappear one day. She has had enough of being good.

Her husband gets suspected of murder. Her sister, the high flying career woman, slowly breaks a part. The only ones dealing rather good with Bea's disappearance is her nice and nephew who also try to solve the mystery of why she vanished.

The ending wasn't really what I expected but it's quite a compelling story of what happens to the ones left behind when someone disappears.

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