August 26, 2010

Warm salsa and grilled haloummi on ciabatta

At the moment I'm obsessed with food, more than usual I might have to add. I read cookbooks, go to the supermarket at least twice a week, visit the farmers market whenever possible and last but not least I cook. I cook a lot. I'm back in the kitchen again trying out both new recopies and food.

On Monday night I tried doing warm salsa which was so simple and very nice that I have a feeling I'll be doing it over and over again. Fry some red onion and garlic in olive oil. Add finely chopped plum tomatoes and some balsamic vinegar. Stir until everything comes together and tomatoes are melting. Add a touch of water if it gets too sticky. Set aside while you fry or grill two slices of haloummi cheese.

Cut a ciabatta in half and spread the salsa on one half. Put the grilled cheese on top. Let it stand for a minute or two so the juices from salsa can go into the bred. Serve with mixed leaves. Dead simple and so very, very nice. The combination of sweet tomatoes with somewhat salty cheese is perfect. As a topping on a chewy ciabatta (preferable a day old) it makes you think about sunny days in Italy and lunch at local trattorias. It can't get much better than that when it's pouring outside and the wind is hauling.

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