August 29, 2010

Rainy weekend in the woods

Just back from a rainy weekend in the woods visiting the best 4-year-old in the world, her parents, her aunt the English Lady, her uncle the The Tall Man and her grandma, my aunt.

As usual always lovely to see all of them, but the weather could have been better. A lot better. Yesterday it actually rained 55 millimetres in just a couple of hours which caused sever flooding and damages to many roads. Somehow we managed to get stuck right in the middle of and got redirected to drive on some pretty tiny country roads that were not made for this sort of traffic. Two big lorries where too heavy for the soaked ground so one side of the road caved in. Redirected to another road that road was already under water when we arrived so again we had to turn around. Trying a third road the took half way around the county finally got us home safe and sound.

The plan had been for a long time to fire up the BBQ for supper as this probably would be the last chance time for the year. Almost as a miracle the rain stopped just enough to get the BBQ going and cooking some lovely steaks and then the downpour started again.

The rain just went on and on and in the evening the temperature dropped to 9 degrees C. Freezing cold so we decided to light a fire. Yes light a fire in August, but last night it did not feel like August it felt like late November.

This morning we actually woke up to a blue sky but that lasted for about an hour and then the rain started again. Another fire was definitive in order and we stayed in the warm and cosy living room most of the day.

The trip back home to about an hour longer than normal. The main roads were open again even though quite limited and we were told just to use the lane closest to the middle. Back home in the city it looked like it had been a great sunny late summer's weekend, but then the rain started here too. If it continues tomorrow and the rest of the week I'm seriously considering building an ark.

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