August 31, 2010

Scary food

I love junk food as much as anybody and there is no doubt about it that I've eat a lot of it through the years. Thankfully as I grow older and wiser I learnt that it didn't keep me very full, it was too fat which often gave me a stomach ache and it wasn't really that tasty after all. Still do I have a thing for fish and chips, especially chips and if they are freshly made and golden crisp then I've died and gone to heaven. At least for a while.

From time to time you read about scary food. Food that is so full of calories that you really shouldn't eat in days after having one serving, or the size of the portion is actually made for 2 or 3 people. To me it seems like the product developers (or cooks God forbid) take one of the meals with the most calories and than add it to another. Like Paula Deen's fried cheese cake or Lasagne sandwich. A real New York style cheese cake is one of the best deserts there is, why on earth would I like to put that in the deep-fryer? You are just ruining it. I lived in Texas so I know you fry everything down there (Mars bars so delicious), but some things are just not made to be deep fried.

Today there was another list out with scary food. Some of it didn't look that bad (I'm hungry), but one thing really got me wondering - Fried Cheese Melt with wavy fries and marinara from Denny's. Fried cheese sticks covered in more yellow cheese in between two slices of bred. It doesn't even look good. It looks scary. I had to look twice to really understand what it was. And in my book if you have to have second look because you can't figure out what it is, then it's not food.

Food should be bright and colourful inviting you to dig in. The first bite should put a smile on your face and when you're done eating you should feel happy and satisfied. Eating should be a joy and pleasure where all 5 senses are involved. Eating is not only fuel. Eating good and healthy food is showing your body the respect it deserves, and by respecting it the body gives you a good and healthy life back.

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