September 19, 2010

Election Day

Today it's time to vote for parliament, county councils and city councils in Sweden. Counting last night I realised this is my 5th time voting and I've been voting for the same party all the time. Probably a sign that I'm not that into politics and really don't care that much. Still though I find it very important to vote as it is one of the major cornerstones of living in a democracy.

This year is actually the first time I haven't listen to any of the debates. Neither of the party leaders appeal to me or really what they are saying appeal to me. It's just the same, or at least almost the same. The campaigns this year have also been very much about voting right or left, not the individual parties. A bit sad since each individual party gives more flavour to the debate than just two sides.

Without saying too much, the way you vote in Sweden is a big secret. You just don't tell anyone, I really hope that we get to keep our right side government. If they get re-elected for another term history will be written. I really also hope very much that the ultra right-wing/nationalism/fascism party doesn't make it to the parliament. Their thoughts are pretty lame and ridiculous but still dangerous for people who doesn't know better. With them getting into parliament the risk of a hung parliament is extremely high. Neither side will have a majority and need to seek someone to govern with. Nightmare for everyone. We'll see tomorrow how it all ends.

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