September 16, 2010

My own wine cellar

Well not really my own, but as of last Friday I'm now a member of Göteborgs Vinkällare and have my own little space/box where I can store my wine.

It's something I've been think about for along time, but been somewhat hesitant to do since I'm just a happy amateur when it comes to wine. Yes I taste and drink a lot of wine and can tell the difference between the major grapes and their characteristics but I'm far from an expert. Later this autumn I'm also going take a basic course in wine knowledge which I'm really looking forward to. Hopefully it will also make me feel more secure that I actually do know a thing or two about wine.

I felt awfully grown-up when I signed the contract for the cellar. Like I had taken a giant step into adulthood. I also thought a lot about dad. When he died 23 years ago he left quite a substantial wine collection behind, which mum very happily enjoyed drinking. He loved Bordeaux and now I really wish we had kept some of the '82s, which back then were very young.
So in honour of dad I went to Systembolaget (Swedish alcohol monopoly) and bought a bottle of Château Brane-Cantenac 2007. Margaux was his favourite Bordeaux appellation and I will open it in May 2014 when he would have turned 80. I'm pretty sure he's watching from his heaven now thinking "That's my girl!"

I also bought a bottle of Cullen Mangan 2007 in honour of several Aussie friends who have inspired me to peruse my interest in wine and have thought me a lot about Australian wines. Of course we have also shared some magnificent bottles of wine.


Herself said...

Sounds like an amazing way to remember your father! I hadnt heard of renting space this way, but I should work on filling up my little kitchen holder before I consider it :)

Heike Larsson said...

Lovely, Cathy! How exciting to have your own wine cellar! I really like the idea...

And what a wonderful way to 'skål' to your late father. I am sure, he'll be smiling down to you from heaven.

We have bought wines from the years our children were born, to give to them when they turn 18 or when they have major celebrations coming. I was 'not into wine' when we bought those, so maybe I will have to review them...

I'd love to come and see Göteborg's vinkällare and hope to be able to do so when we visit Sweden again.

Have a nice weekend!

Cathy said...

@Herself I've been storing wine in a closet and is very happy to get it back. More shoes :=)

@Heike It really is very nice place. We could have wine tweet-up in the cellar :=)