September 26, 2010

Election mess

Just as I (and many others) predicted last week the election ended in a bit of a mess. No majority for either side. Two seats missing for the right side to get own majority. Instead 20 seats for the ultra right-wing/nationalism/fascism party. A party that either side doesn't want to co-operate with. So the result so far is that we don't have a government and both sides are doing their best at playing games. It has been very quite all weekend which maybe actually means they are talking with each other. I'm not really sure about the rules regarding how long we can go without a government, but surely it can't be that long?

The people from the ultra right-wing party who now will take their seats in parliament all look nice and are very clean-spoken, i.e. they have been media trained and prepared for what awaits them. Something that doesn't apply for the party members taking seats in the local councils. When you listen to what they are saying you start to wonder what planet they are from. It can't be the same same planet (Sweden) as me. One person said that our ancient monuments were under threat along with the Christmas- and Midsummer-holidays. Another one said that if you believe in Islam you can't be Swedish. Really I thought we had freedom of religion. There are so many trolls coming out now saying things that are seriously wrong, ridiculous and sometimes actually hilarious. Don't they have a clue?!

What worries me though is all those people who believe what they are saying because they don't know better. What's really missing here is information and knowledge about different cultures, customs and religions. People are always afraid of things they don't know enough about.

The election result is also a big sign of failure for the government and all political parties. People wouldn't be voting like this if they were happy with the current rules and regulations regarding immigration and integration. It will certainly be an interesting autumn. Especially for me who said politics had become boring and plain.

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