September 30, 2010

Want to hibernate

It's not even October yet but I have started to see the signs of my usual autumn blues. I'm very tired. I want eat loads. Especially carbs and rich food that's comforting. I don't feel like doing anything (because I'm so tired) and I just feel plain cranky and snap at people without any reason. So is it possible to hibernate and come back out I late March or early April? Life would be so much easier.

All thoughts and ideas for posts are gone and I just feel dull and boring. I have nothing to say or talk about . One comfort though is that I know it will go away. In a couple of months I will be used with the lack of sunshine. I will not like it bit it's OK. It will be fine eventually. Just like every time.

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Heike Larsson said...

I know what you mean.... It seems it is even stronger for us who did not grow up with it. As much as I really like Sweden, and miss things from our life up there, I felt I could not manage another one of those periods... That is why we moved. And now we have to deal with other challenges, as every country has their 'dark sides'...

Good luck, lots of good food and wine and nice candles and it's soon over again!