October 03, 2010


I think I've fallen in love with couscous. Not a big deal you think, but it is. Probably about 10 years ago or even more I went to a Moroccan themed party and was served couscous. It was dry and tasteless and reminded me sawdust. That the man I had my heart set for left with another woman (they are now married and have 2 kids) that night is also a very vivid memory from that party, but most of all it is the boring couscous.

I've been offered couscous plenty of times over the years but I have always turned it down, thinking people are crazy eating that stuff. A while back though I was too hungry to say no thank you and I tried it again. To my big surprise it did not taste like sawdust, au contraire it was very filling and with a wasbi yoghurt dressing actually quite spicy.

A couple of days later I went through my recipes for something new to cook and found a recipe for grilled pineapple and sweet chilli chicken with couscous. Still a little bit hesitant I decided to make it and thought that if I didn't like it I had at least tried. But I was wrong. Very wrong. It was a lovley dish and the pineapple and sweet chilli glaze was perfect. So last night I tried another dish. Spicy tomato chicken with couscous. Again a lovely dish and I think I've fallen in love with couscous. It's such a nice complement instead of pasta or rice that I eat with more or less everything. Last week I also tried bulgur, another grain that I've been hesitant to try and that too was lovely. I just love when I try new food and it tastes so much better than I had expected.

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