October 05, 2010

A good day

One of my oldest and dearest fiends called last night. She was going to be in town today for meeting. Maybe we could meet up for a quick coffee/lunch. Checked my calendar and yes it was possible. Going to bed last night I was really excited. It had been 2 years since we last saw each other, but the amazing thing is that every time we meet we start right off were we left.

I think it's true what they say about friends you make at university. Some of them will be your friends for the rest of your life. J and I were room mates back in Texas (way too many years ago) and I guess we bounded for life. So different but so much alike. And whenever something important happens in our lives either it's good or bad we know that the other half is there to celebrate with you or catch you when you fall. True friendship at its best.

Our coffee/lunch today went all too quick. Too soon we had to rush off in different directions after saying we had to meet again. So much to catch up on (as usual). On my way back to the office I got a call from J. She had just found out that her meeting was cancelled. A letter had been sent to her home address and it had arrived today. Obviously that company hadn't heard about about phones or email...

It was at that moment when I heard how angry and upset she was that I decide to take the afternoon off. For once my calender was free so what better way to spend the afternoon than with J?!  An hour later we met again, took a walk in the park before sitting down for a snack and all the time we talked and talked. Time flew of course and very soon J had to catch her train. When saying goodbye at the railway station we both looked at each other and said this was just what we needed. Energy and strength that comes from everlasting friendship and unconditional love. A good day.

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