October 19, 2010

Fly by visit to London

Spent the day in London yesterday, but never the night. Left the house at 05:30 in morning and was back home at 23:30. Talk about optimizing your day. Can't say I'm very bright today though. When I finally got into bed last night I couldn't turn off my brain and kept thinking about things at work over and over again. This morning when the alarm went off I just thought I can't do this I can't get up. So I reset the alarm for two more hours and felt somewhat human when I woke up later on, but boy will it be nice or what to go to bed tonight?! Early I might add.

When the meeting was over I was lucky to have two hours left before heading back to Paddington and on to Heathrow. So what to do? Shopping of course! For doorknobs in Notting Hill. Yes, I'm crazy. I've been to Chloe Alberry several times and every time I have gotten new ideas. Just changing door knobs actually changes a lot. And that comes from the woman who has hardly no interest at all in interior design. This time I got 6 new door knobs for the the cabinets in the hallway. When I got home last night I changed one immediately and it looks fabulous.

The original Hummingbird Bakery where the cupcake craze started in 2004 is just down the road from Chloe Alberry so of course I had to go there too. Being a Monday the place was empty besides three lovely women behind the counter and the amazing smell of cupcakes. So I decided to sit down and have some coffee and a Red Velvet cupcake. Total bliss! The cupcake of course but also the fact that I was in London, not in a hurry and was just sitting down for some me-time. It's those little things that makes it all worth while. Something to remember next Monday afternoon when the day is dragging on. Life is good.


Heike Larsson said...

Will you show them? :-) I'd be curious...

AussieFoodie said...

Ohhhhh, Hussyband got 2 dozen cupcakes from Hummingbird for the birthday drinkies last week. My fav has to be the red velvet!

Now, I have to make a double entrende...show us ya knobs baby!