October 17, 2010

Old friends

On Wednesday I met up with two of my oldest friends. From Kindergarten until 9th grade it was always the four of us. We did pretty much everything together. Living next to each other, playing together, being in the same class at school, belonging to the same football club and so on. We were the four musketeers and as we grow older I'm pretty sure our parents were rather refiled that we stuck together the way we did. Together we were safe and looked out for each other.

Our last summer was the the summer after 9th grade when we went to Gibraltar together for a month to study English. We did learn some English but most of all we had fun in the sun with other 16- and 17-year-old. Back home we all started different high schools and naturally started to drift away from each other. Over the years a post card here and there and Christmas cards have somewhat kept us up to date with what's been going on, but we haven't seen each other since the early 1990's. About a year ago the boys found me on Facebook and as you always do, we said that we really need to meet up. Then a couple of weeks go one of them said, OK lets do it. Now. And we did.

We met at a pub and when I walked in my first thought was that they both looked exactly like their fathers. Not that strange really since we are now at the same age our parents were when we grew up. For five hours we talked, talked and talked some more. It did not feel like it had been 20 years and we still laughed at the same silly jokes. I also loved the comment that I was still the chatty Cathy. Nothing had changed. We all also agreed on that we were not old. Age is just a number, but 10 minutes later we all moaned about not being able to read the menu because the light was so bad. I think we might have a become a bit old...

We were a bit sad though that the 4th musketeer was missing. All of us have tried to find her on Facebook, phone book and other online searches, but no luck. It's probably very likely that she has gotten married and changed her last name. So now we have a competition going on. The first one who finds her will get a bottle of bubblies, but of course the bottle has to be shared with all musketeers. Just like in the old days. All for one, one for all.

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Heike Larsson said...

How fun Cathy! Good luck with finding her!