December 23, 2010

Christmas Dim Sums

What happens when you ask 20 food loving people to show up for Dim Sums a Saturday morning in London Docklands? The answer is easy. They eat. A lot. Or really, WE eat a lot, laugh a lot and have a jolly good time.

Having not seen my food loving friends since July and the famous Lobster Massacre down in Greenwich I was quite excited to head out to Docklands on Saturday morning. The DLR stopped at Caning Town so Elisa volunteered to pick me up in her new car. Not only did she have a new car, it was also her first time driving in London. Thank God she's from Oz and knows how to drive on the left side is all I can say..

At Yi-Ban next to the Royal Albert Dock plenty of old and new faces waited. Sitting around a round table plenty of dim sums were ordered along with drinks, and then we dug in. We ate, then we ate some more and then ate even more. By then the girls around the table had given up, but the boys did a pretty good job trying to clean the plates.

Two hours later and almost in a coma from all the carbs at was time to leave. Elisa and husband dropped me off at London Bridge and in my somewhat comatose state I decided to walk back to W11. Took a while, but I definitely needed that walk before more food and drinks in the evening. Also walking in London is one of my absolute favourite things to do. Needless to say all the lights was of course also spectacular.

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