January 30, 2011

Computer saga continues

Yes, there story isn't over yet. Formatting the disk and reinstalling Windows on Tuesday night didn't do much good. Talked to the techies at work and they told me to buy a new hard drive. A new hard drive is still a lot cheaper that buying a brand new laptop. Felt rather savvy the next day walking into one of those techie shops where the real geeks hangout and shop (Yes, I'm exaggerating a bit, but that's how it feels like). Got a new spanking clean 1TB hard drive for almost nothing. I remember 15 years ago when I got my first computer and asked for a 500MB hard driver and the salesman asked me what I was going to do with all the storage.

Home again I exchanged the hard drives and went through the same prosedure as before. Formatting and installing Window. Yeah, it worked. Well, until it was time to install the VGA drivers. OK, next conclusion is that it’s the drivers that are bad. Talked to the techies at work again and they told me download new drivers. Also it might be the whole graphics card but usually when the graphics card is broken the screen goes all berserk

So with new drivers I set out yesterday to format and reinstall my computer. Everything went perfect until it was time install the new drivers. Now the screen went all berserk and I realized that it is the graphics card that is bad. Since I really need my computer (who doesn’t nowadays?) and did the formatting and reinstalling yet another time, but did not install any drivers. And voilĂ  it worked. Pretty bad resolution though, but I can live with it until I have decided what to do next.

I'm very tempted to buy a new graphics card, but my current graphics card is part of the motherboard which mean I can't remove it. Oh I well I can get a new motherboard, but in that case I could buy a laptop instead. Looking at the manual that came with computer though, it says that if you add extra VGA cards they override the card on the motherboard.

On the other hand I wonder if it doesn’t work and I have spent money on things I can't use and still have to get a laptop. Need to consult the techies at work again tomorrow morning. So the computer saga continues...

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