January 23, 2011

The Pacific

For Christmas I gave my step father the box-set of The Pacific. Being a total WWII buff I just knew he would love it, and he did. By Boxing Day or the day after he had seen all the episodes and told me I really needed to see the whole set, right now. And I did. But not in two days. Last weekend I finally watched the last episode and yes it was quite an impressing series and a history lesson.

As a European most of us (at least my generation, our parents and grand-parents) know a lot about what went on during the war in Europe. The Pacific not so much, because it was so far way and Europe wasn't really involved, Europe had more than enough on their own plate so to say...

I had seen a few war movies about the war in the Pacific but I don't think I’ve ever seen anything so realistic as The Pacific. Just as in Band of Brothers you almost felt like you where right there and you realise what war do to people. It's terrifying!

What I liked the most about the box-set was the last episode where they actually interviewed the real person behind the characters What had happened to them when they got home and what sort of life they had lived. One story really brought tears to eyes. On leave in Melbourne a soldier fell in love with a girl. Back home in Texas again he sent for his girl and two years later they were married, and still are. They were both part of the interview. Love conquers all, even in war!

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