February 15, 2011

At the PC Doctor

Last weekend’s odd behaviour from the computer turned out to be signs of a near death. When I got home from work last Monday the computer was dead. It had turned off itself and when I tried to start it nothing happened. No screen and no boot. When I pushed the on-button the blue light came on but that was it. Wise from earlier experiences I let it run for almost an hour before I decided to do restart. If it had worked during the weekend it might work now, but no. Nothing happened. I’m quite stubborn and don’t give up easily when it comes to things that can be fixed, but by then I had just had it. I turned off the whole thing, closed the blinds and went to bed instead to read, drink tea and eat biscuits. Really nice and most of all very peaceful and relaxing. Shows that one can have good evening without being online...

The next day at work I told the techies what had happened and that I had had enough and was now looking to buy a laptop. The guy who has helped me the most then offered to take the computer back to his place and go through it from top to bottom as last resort. So on Wednesday he picked it up and he’s now looking into changing the power supply and trying with another graphics card. I’m crossing all fingers and toes hoping that it will work. If not, it’s really time to go and buy that new shiny laptop. I'm tired of the computer saga now.

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