February 13, 2011

Valentine’s Day

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. A day we all have a special relationship to. Being in a relationship you should love it and being single you should hate it. But what if it’s the other way around? If you’re stuck in a bad relationship and all you want to do is to leave. Or as singleton you think Valentine’s Day a great day to celebrate yourself. Then it probably gets a bit tricky... On the other hand it’s just a day. One measly day when we are suppose to show love and affection to those we love. It’s a bit sad that we can’t do that the rest of the year.

As a hardcore singleton I have very mixed feelings about this day. It would of course be very nice if I got a card, a text or if someone said Happy Valentine’s Day, but I would also be extremely surprised. So should I celebrate myself then? Nah, I celebrate myself all the time with doing exactly what I want to without asking anyone. Will I feel a bit sad tomorrow? Most likely, but at the same time no. I am what I am and being in a relationship would not change that. So I will treat tomorrow like any regular day and Monday as it happens to be as well. I’m still worthy all the happiness and love in the world though, but that I know already and don’t need a special day to remind me.


Elisa said...

I love you like a sister who I dont get to see much...will you be my non-sexual Valentine?

Cathy said...

Yes, I will. x