February 08, 2011


Sometime when I can’t sleep I daydream. (Or is it called nightdreaming being right before you go to sleep?)

I daydream about my house in Notting Hill/Holland Park or somewhere else in north London. How my perfect kitchen looks like. How the cabinets look like, what sort of cool kitchen gadgets I have and the best of in the corner I have an AGA. From the kitchen I can of course go down into my wine cellar.Champagne, Shiraz and Chablis. Old world mixed with the New world.

Continuing through the house I have a big study with lots of books, easy chairs and a desk by the window. My lounge has big fire place and sofa with plenty of pillows. In the dining room next to the lounge my Gran’s old chandelier is the main attraction and of course a big diningroom table. The downstairs’guest bathroom is tiny but perfectly decorated in light green colours. Going up the stairs the master bedroom has a view over the back garden and an on-suite bathroom with both a bath and a shower. Of course I have also a walk in closet. There are also two other smaller bedrooms. One acts as a guestroom where the best teenager-in-the world (the best 4-year-old has grown up) stays whenever she visits. The other room is a TV-lounge with a widescreen TV and comfortable chairs where you can sit either watching TV or films. I also have a big library of all my favourite films.

I usually fall asleep around here, thinking about what films I would like to have. But Gone with the wind and Sliding door is definitely on my list. My little dream will probably never come through, at least not all of it, but it is nice to dream. It keeps you sane.

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