February 03, 2011

A long way to go

The last couple of days we've been enjoying milder weather and a lot of rain. And for once I've been very happy seeing the rain. Most of the snow is now gone and leaving the streets covered in grit instead, but still that is so much better than ice. The big piles of snow are also slowly disappearing. The days have gotten a lot longer and you can really tell the different in the afternoon especially if the sun is shining. You can also hear the birds singing in the morning and in evening, which is is music to your ears. Again we have managed to survived another winter and things will only get better from here.

Still thought it's only early February and walking past one of the canals earlier this afternoon I realized that spring has a long way to go. The same goes with the harbour. It's so much ice there it looks like a giant cocktail glass on a hot summer's day. Not that I would drink what comes out of the canals or harbour... But a girl got to dream. So another month or so and then I think spring might be here for real. Now it's just a bit of teasing.

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