February 27, 2011

Pinot Noir

Lately Pinot Noir wines have become a real favourite of mine. A bit surprising actually since I found Pinot Noir very watery and weak the first couple of times I tried it. Not any longer. OK, the colour is still quite pale and looks a bit watery. But on the nose and palate... I’m hooked. And really who says a red wine is better just because it’s darker.

On Friday night I tried a quite rare limited Pinot Noir, at least for being in Sweden, Coombend Moulting Lagoon Pinot Noir from Tasmania. A wine that more or less has travelled from one side of the world to another. For being a Pinot Noir the colour is rather deep red. The nose is filled with fruit aromas such as strawberries and cherries. Hints of ginger and nutmeg can also be found. The palate is sweet, soft and silky that show off flavours of plums and sloe berries. The tannins are rather structured and give the wine a balanced body.

In my opinion a very good Pinot Noir and it doesn’t cost a fortune which is always nice.

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