March 01, 2011


I love to read and I love to cook which means I love cookbooks and I have many, many of them. Ranging from my grandma’s old and much stained cookbook from the early 50’s to the RAK Pack cookbook where some of my favourite classical Swedish recipes are featured.

Many of the books are also memories from trips and different parts of my life. Like the cookbooks from Texas which include both chilli recipes and how to make briskets. Or all the Asian cookbooks. Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai are all part of my Asian period. The last couple of years have resulted in a lot of British books (of course). Jamie Oliver, Nigella Lawson, Gordon Ramsey and The River Cottage, but also on how to cook the perfect Yorkshire pudding and how to make scones. Or the London cookbook which really shows the diversity of food you can find in London. From eel and mash and bacon sanis, to Indian curry and Ukrainian borscht.

At the same time as my interest in wine has grown the number of books on wine have also grown. Probably one full shelf by now and with three shelves for cookbooks it means that I almost have a bookcase on just food and wine. Call me a geek or rather, call me an aficionado...

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