April 25, 2011

Wine school – Australia

Before jetting off to London the week before last it was time for the last evening of wine school. An evening focusing on my favourite country – Australia – and eight (!) different bottles to try. Pouring rain and freezing cold outside, but in the cellar we soon got transferred to warmer places.

Xanadu Dragon Riesling 2002
Green yellow colour. On the nose rather sweet with hints of apricots and a lot of minerals. On the palate surprisingly crisp and again full of minerals.

Xanadu Dragon Chardonnay 2001
Yellow almost golden colour. On the nose a quite fermented smell mixed with mushrooms. On the plate still crisp and full of acidity. Nutty flavours in the fininsh.

d'Arenberg Hermit Crab 2006
Yellow colour. On the nose plenty of fruits such as pineapple and Clementine. On the palate quite oaky and lots of spices.

Oakvale Reserve Elliott's Well Semillon 1998
Dark yellow almost golden colour. On the nose wood, spices and apples. On the plate lots of lime and apples. Crisp finish with a very high acidity for a 13 year old bottle.

Red Hill Estate Pinot Noir 2008
Light red colour. On the nose lots of raspberries, strawberries an hints of chocolate. On the plate rather sweet with black berries ending with long tannins.

Lionheart of the Barossa Shiraz 2008
Intense red colour with purple hue. Nose of ripe blackberries, Christmas spices and hints of chocolate. Palate full of blackberries, raspberries and plums. Some chocolate as well. Lengthy finish with soft tannins.

Rymill Coonawarra Cabernet Sauvignon 1998
Red brownish colour almost brick with deep purple hue. On the nose green pepper, black current and herbs. On the palate dried herbs, hints of chocolate and ripe black cherries with a persistent finish.

Chapel Hill Cabernet Sauvignon 2000
Red brick colour. On the nose lots of green pepper and leafy herbs. On the palate oak, hints of eucalyptus and again those leafy herbs. Still a young finish considering the age.

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