May 01, 2011

May already?!

What happened? It's May already and as usual I feel like I got lost somewhere along the way. I just put away the parka and winter boots a week ago. Surely it can't be May already?! But looking outside everything is green and my allergies tell me that it is May. The pretties and best part of the year here in Scandinavia. The days just get longer and longer and all greenery is new and fresh. Can't get much better than that.

So with four months of the year already done I'm trying to think about the things that have happened or special occasions etc, but to be honest I can't come up with a thing. January was just extremely cold and snowy. February too and by the end of that month I was ready to emigrate somewhere warmer. March I spent travelling somewhere new each single week. Germany gave me hints of spring, but in Oslo I got very disappointed since there were still tons of snow in the middle of the city. April has just flown by with wine school, an eagerly awaited visit to London and Easter just last weekend.

Time flies when you're having fun (and not fun) as my Gran used to say. Looking forward to what May brings.

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