June 02, 2011

The little things

This morning Eat Love Savor Magazine tweeted the following question:

What (mundane) activity can you turn into a luxury moment today?

Being Ascension Day and Bank Holiday today I decided to make the little things count. To make the ordinary things more luxurious.

I started out with a long breakfast with freshly made scones, strawberry jam, blood orange juice, yoghurt, coffee and even some fresh strawberries (left over from last night) to top off things.

Laundry was then next on my list. And I really tried to make more luxurious, but it didn't work. I did add an extra splash of fabric softener to make my towels smell like a summer meadow, but to be honest there is nothing luxurious to load the washer, hang the washing to dry and then in the end maybe do some ironing.

The sun had finally come out when I was done with the laundry. So no more excuses of not going running. Off I went. I usually do 3 laps (3K) around the Tech Uni and I start thinking about the last lap the minute I start. The scenery is rather boring, but it's close so I live with it. Today though when I was on my 3rd lap I told myself that I could do another lap. I could at least walk it if I would run out of steam. I sort of did and walked for a while, but somehow I just continued on a 5th lap as well. Now I was back to running, besides that steep uphill that always kill me on my first lap.

When I realized what I had done I let out a little victory scream. Not very loud but just when one of those really fast guys passedme. He looked at me like I was crazy. Well, I sort of was. I had just done 5K. Something I haven't done in 3-4 years.

Back home again I decided that instead of a shower I was going to take a hot bubble bath. Pure heaven, especially for my poor calves that really thought I had overdone it (calves are my Achilles heel...) A hot bubble bath on Thursday afternoon, that's what I call luxury. I then continued with doing a facial, mani, pedi and in the end painting all 20 nails with the same summery hot pink colour.

I also decided to not get dressed again. I love my fluffy dressing gown way too much to not wear it when I can. Writing this post there is glass of wine next to me and a chicken/pasta casserole is simmering away in the oven. Again luxury on a Thursday. It's those little things that really counts.

Unfortunately I need to do a bit of work tomorrow (no Bank Holiday but most people take the day off to get a long weekend which was my plan as well), but thinking about how relaxing and luxurious today have been I think I'll survive. Also working from home is also a sort of luxury. I can wear my dressing gown all day if I want to...

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