July 18, 2011


I'm already on my second week of what sounded as an extremely long 6 week leave in-between jobs. Last week I just enjoyed being off work and winding down. On Wednesday I went to a meeting at my new job for 2 hours and it was almost amazing how my pulse started racing in a more "at work" pace. Of course also being totally new means you have to concentrate a lot more which probably raises the pulse too, but I could very much tell the different between work and not working. When you don't work for a while you get into a special pace and really don't care if if you do things today or tomorrow.

Several friends have asked me what I will do with all this time off, but it's really not a problem. Finally I have time to read, try out new recipes both cooking and baking. I can spend and hour or two at the gym without feeling stressed or take along walk around the neighbourhood. I can catch up with friends both in person and on the phone. Next week I'm off to London again. Just because I can and want to. Friends and food en masse as usual. And some shopping I'm sure...

Needless to say all this makes me wonder what sort of life I usually live. I don't think I'm short of time, but I obliviously am. You probably don't think about it when you're right in the middle of things. But it sure makes you wonder.

To make my staycation complete I'm going sight-seeing in my own city tomorrow. My aunt who is born and raised here, but hasn't lived here for 35 years, is visiting and she said she wanted to do some of the sights she did back in school. The sights I also did back in school, so I have a feeling it will be a fun day. And this time there will be no teachers telling us what to do and not to do. And in the end of the day there will be drinks all around. Definitely nothing the days in school ended with.

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