August 14, 2011


With a few days left before starting my new job I feel ready as much as I can be and well-rested too. Yes, well-rested. It's almost a strange feeling to wake up feeling great and not having to drag yourself out of bed. Wonder how long it will last though... Well, shouldn't go there. Yet.

I also feel ready for work and autumn (Eek, I just said one of the things I dread most – autumn) with a full freezer, a full pantry and cleaned out closets. Silly, I know but being a bit of a planner and control freak it means I need to have some things in order to be able to go back to being busy.

There is one thing I'm not fully in control of yet – being back on the health wagon. Being home all day it's so easy to nibble on things and when cooking dinner it's so nice to do it along with a glass of wine. I've been out running twice in the last month and a half. A course not very good runs, but I've felt great afterwards. Just need to do it again, but very conveniently there is book to read or a dish to cook instead of putting on my trainers. I also need to find a new gym that's close to my new office or on the way home. Going half cross town to my current one will not work. Tried it before, and failed miserable. So tomorrow, time to go gym hunting.

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