April 30, 2012

March wines

March was quite busy with both wine school every Tuesday night learning about Italian wines and an evening at Sjömagasinet having an amazing tasting menu with matching wines.

The level of the evening was more or less set with the first glass – Pol Roger Champagne Millesime Brut 2000. A superb evening and getting served by the master chef himself was very nice. So needless to say I’ve tried more wines than on this list… I’ve just been too busy drinking and discussing wines than writing it all down.

Delamotte Brut
The quest for trying as many types of champagne as possible goes on. This time as an aperitif with strawberries celebrating the first signs of spring. Light yellow colour. On the nose citrus, kiwi and apple. On the palate a dry and crisp taste f with again citrus, apple and white currants.

Zenato Ripassa 2007
Another great Italian which very much has convinced me that Italy makes incredible wines. Deep ruby red, almost opaque colour. On the nose dark autumnal berries with some vanilla/cedar notes from the oak. The palate is rich and complex with ripe soft voluptuous fruit that lingers on the finish, which is also velvety and smooth.

Chateau Greysac 2002
One of the first bottles I bought to my cellar, so opening it was quite special. Red brick colour. On the nose lots of oak and cigar with of red berries. On the palate red berries and mild green bell pepper with a somewhat sweet finish.

Pierre Peters Cuvée de Réserve
Friday and champagne. One of the best combos there is. Light yellow colour. On the nose aromas of white peach, crisp pear, apple and quince. On the palate apple, grape fruits, yeasty bread along with hints of marzipan.

Domaine du Vieux Lazaret 2009
As a child I loved the bottles coming from Châteauneuf-du-Pape. They were so pretty. As an adult I now love the content of the pretty bottles. Deep crimson colour. On the nose spice, oak, raspberries, dried herbs and plums. On the palate raspberries, white pepper, plums, dried herbs and liquorice.

Château Prat-Majou-Gay Vieilles Vignes 2009
Year after year Prat-Majou-Gay has been called a bargain by the critics and very good value for the money. It had been a while since the last time I tried it and I hate to say that I was disappointed. Either the wine have changed or my taste and palate. I vote for the last. Red colour with hints of blue. On the nose spices, raspberries, blueberries, herbs and liquorice. On the palate spice, oak, raspberries, sloe, liquorice and herbs.

Alamos Selección Merlot 2006
An Argentina Melbec matched with a good stea can improve any bad day (and a good one of course) Red colour with purple highlights. On the nose black cherry aromas with light hints of floras. On the palate a lot of cassis, blackberry and chocolate. Silky finish with tripe tannins.

Michel Turgy Brut Blanc de Blancs Grand Cru
Another middle budget champagne that I hadn’t tried before. No suprises, but still good enough for making an evening a lot more fun. Yellow colour. On the nose bread, grapefruit and yellow apples. On the palate lotes of grapefruit and yellow apples with hints of nuts.

Château Gratien 2009
An old favoute of friend and I very much understand why. Ruby-red colour. On the nose aromas of red berries. On the palate red berries, herbs, grass and liquorice. Silky tannins and smooth finish.

Sancerre Les Baronnes Rosé 2010
Just like most other people rose wine for me is connected to summer and lazy days in the sun. I also think about the French Rivera where you can order the house rose wine in any restaurant and it’s delicious. Light red colour. On the nose lots of fruit such as strawberries and raspberries with hints of grass. On the plate again strawberries and some raspberries along with herbs and grass.

Torres Ibéricos Crianza 2007
Spare of the moment purchase at an airport a couple of years ago and not too bad as it shows. Deep red cherry colour. On the nose black ripened fruits and spicy aromas. On the palate ripened fruits and spices. Pleasant tannins with a long and spicy after taste.

Deutz Brut Classic
Madonna's favourite champagne brand according to the magazines and to me memories of celebrating my first job after uni. Light yellow colour. On the nose bread, nuts and yellow apples. On the palate apples, citrus, bread and nuts. Somewhat silky texture with a lingering after taste.

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