April 16, 2013


TheMan and I had planned to meet the spring in Copenhagen for a long weekend in March, but instead we had to wear hat, gloves and scarves since it was snowing. Still Copenhagen is a mecca for foodies and being freezing cold outside there was another reason to visit different places…

On our first night just by chance we ended up at newly opened restaurant called Wining and Dining. For one month straight they offer the same 3 course menu with matching wines, and if you want more than one more glass of wine to your main that’s OK. A third as well… They will pour you all the wine you want as long as you’re eating. The place is a bit talk of the town right now and reservations are recommended. When TheMan and I arrived without reservations the waiter was very friendly (and smart). He placed us at the bar with a glass of bubblies and said he would get us a table. If not the bubblies was on him and we had escaped the cold for a while. But of course, 20 minutes later we had our table and dug into teriyaki marinated salmon with wasabi mousse, filet of veal and NY style cheesecake. The wines were very good including a sweet Valpolicella (passito). When the bill arrived we were yet again surprised – all this food and wine and still the bill was half of what you usually pay for meal like this.

The next night TheMan had made reservations at Peder Oxe, one of his favourite restaurants in Copenhagen. A restaurant that has been around since the 70’s and has a certain style of being homey, comfortable and cooking what’s offered that morning at the market. They have quite a good wine cellar which I believe is why TheMan visits every time he’s in town. This time he chose a 2007 Chateau du Trignon Gigondas. Fabulous!

As starters we went with the classic Kalix roe with sour cream and finely chopped red onion. For main we had perfectly done tenderloin along with creamy potatoes and crisp green beans. For dessert we split a cheese platter before splitting a classic chocolate cake along with whipped cream and coffee.

Already when visiting Copenhagen at Xmas time in 2011 we looked at restaurant called Alberto K.  A fine dining restaurant on top floor at The Royal Hotel named after its hotel manager for 25 years – Allberto. At that time we decided to go to Grønbech & Churchill instead, but when planning this visit to Copenhgen we decided immediately that we were going to Alberto K.

After finally getting a cranky concierge to help us with the lift (The sign by the lift said "Please talk to the concierge desk if you are visiting Alberto K and they will assist you", but apparently for this concierge that was hard work when you can surf the web instead…) we arrived on the top floor and where our parkas, hats and gloves disappeared in a whim and we were seated by the table. All tables have a window view, and since it was so cold outside we could see miles away. I can only imagine how the view is on a Nordic summer evening – marvelous without a doubt.

The Royal Hotel is designed by the Danish architect and designer Arne Jacobsen and everything at Alberto K wears his name. Chairs, lamps, cutlery, candlesticks, salt and pepper shakers and so on. A tribute to the man who gave Danish designs a world reputation.

When looking at the tasting menu, the fabulous view and feeling the wonderful ambience we quickly decided that this was going to be night to remember. We were going for the seven course tasting menu with matching exclusive wines.

1999 Pol Roger Cuvée Sir Winston Churchill.

Lemon sole - Dill, cucumber & oyster
2010 Vouvray Le Haut-lieu Domaine Huet, Loire France

Scallop - Brussels sprouts, jerusalem artichokes & chips
2011 Chardonnay Hamilton Russell, Walker Bay South Africa

North Sea cod - Mussel, celery & macadamia nut
2005 Puligny Montrachet Chateau Puligny-Montrachet, Burgundy France

Quail - Bouillon, thyme & morels
2010 Maison Roche de Bellene Vosne-Romanée 1er Cru Les Beaux Monts, Burgundy France

Beef from Himmerland - Onion, black trumpet & smoked marrow
2006 Chateau Leoville Poyferre Saint-Julien 2nd Cru, Bordeaux France

Passion fruit - White chocolate, caramel & cacao
2000 Tokaji Aazu 5 Puttonyos Oremus, Tokaji Hungary

Limfjordsporter - Apple, chervil & rye bread
2011 Beeranauslese Pius Weingut Keller, Rheinhessen Germany

2,5 hours later we were getting rather full, but had been through one amazing menu. The Sommelier had done her job very well matching the wine with the food. Her presentation of the different wines were both very informative and nice, and when we had questions regarding texture, clarity and all those other things wine geeks want to know she really showed that she knew her trade.

Then the 20 minute walk back to the hotel in snow afterwards was very easy after an evening and tasting experience like this.

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