February 17, 2009

New The Simpsons opening

The Simpsons opening has been given a new look after 20 years. The basic elements remain the same - Homer at the plant, Maggie at the supermarket checkout, Lisa playing saxophone, Bart racing home and a couch gag.

But new scenes now include Bart's skateboard journey being interrupted by Indian shopkeeper Apu, who leaps in front of him with his eight newborn children. Bart's long time enemy also appears and chases after him with a knife, while Grandpa Simpson has been added to the car scene in which Marge beeps her horn. Meanwhile Lisa's school friends are shown playing a Nintendo DS games console and the Simpson family TV has been updated to a flat-screen.

The world has changed a lot the last 20 years, but the yellow family from Springfield is till one of my favourites to watch on TV.

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