May 19, 2009

Thursday feeling

With a four day weekend coming up today feel like Thursday, and the best part is that tomorrow I only work until noon. Even better than a normal Friday. The office closes at noon because it's the day before a national holiday.

Going to meet up with my little darling Frida and her parents on Thursday. I just realised I haven't seen her since last summer. When they where here right after Xmas I was ill, but we have talked a lot over phone and I've been sent loads of photos. But nothing will beat getting big hugs and talks about what happens in daycare. I can't wait and I've been told Frida can't wait either to see Trin. Mmm, life is good with kids like Frida.

1 comment:

Jodi said...

Enjoy your long weekend, especially your time with Frida. Kids do have a way of making you smile, huh? :)