August 06, 2009

Always looking up

Another very good read this holiday has been Always looking up by Michael J Fox. In this book he continues to tell us very honestly how it is to live with Parkinson's disease and what he has done for the last 9 years after leaving Spin City. If his first book Lucky man was about the years being a successful TV and film star leading up to the first signs of PD Always looking up is about an incurable optimist who needs to find something new to do for a living. Never sentimental or bitter, instead with a great sense of humour, quite dry from time to time, we learn that giving up is not an option and one should always look up.

Even though the words inspiring and touching can come off as bit of cliché this is what you feel reading the book. It doesn't matter how much fame, fortune and celebrity friends you have. It is what you do with it when the though times arrive, and Michael J Fox decided to make lemonades from the the lemons life has thrown at him.

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