March 20, 2011

Eat your greens

Remember how mum used to tell you to eat your greens. Well, you know what, she was right...

I didn't start eating vegetables properly until I turned 30. I was finally grown up I guess... I aim for the 5 a day when it comes to fruit and vegetables and most of the time it works. Sometimes I fail miserable. Lately I've been focusing more on my healthy eating and the result has been great. Not only do feel better I've also lost 10 kilos and is almost down two dress sizes. But like I said, sometimes I fail, especially if I'm travelling and really can't plan my meals and/or what to eat.

Last week I went down to our office in Kiel, Germany. On the journey out (went on the ferry) I had the usual steak and baked potato, but said no thank you to dessert. For breakfast I went with American pancakes, maple syrup and bacon. Also as usual since pancakes are something I never do at home. By 11o'clock I was starving and when it was time for lunch we went out for pizza. After the meeting I managed to squeeze in a quick visit to shopping centre, where I of course had a large latte and German waffle with both cream and chocolate syrup since I was starving again. Someone see the pattern here?!

For dinner on my way home I went for schnitzel and chips, which I actually didn't have all of since the size of portion really was for a trucker. To top of things I wolfed down a bag of M&Ms while reading in my cabin. The next morning, of course, pancakes, maple syrup,bacon and also a blueberry muffins since I remember how hungry I had been the day before. By 10 o'clock back in the office I was getting hungry already and that was only 2 hours after I had had breakfast. I found an old banana and apple and then it hit me. For almost two days I hadn't had any fruit, vegetables, grains or anything remotely filling. Old habits die hard I guess, but at the same time thinking back the only vegetables that came with a meal was a couple of cherry tomatoes and some asparagus along with my steak the first night. Rather strange I think. But on the other hand if we are hungry we eat more... And buy more junk food...

On Thursday I was back to my healthy eating habits. Porridge in the morning, fruit midday, sensible lunch, another fruit in the afternoon and home made Spaghetti Bolognese with plenty of vegetables for dinner. I didn't feel hungry at any time during the day, and I hardly never do. Amazing what a difference a day can do and what fruit and vegetables can do. And of course, Mum was right. Greens are good for you.

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