August 24, 2011

So much for that

Having read several books by Lionel Shriver before I was very happy to see that her latest So much for that was out in paperback when I was in London last month.

All of his working life Shep Knacker has saved up for an one-way ticket to a warmer place. By selling his business he actually becomes a millionaire, at least on the paper. The day he tells his wife he's going with or without her and their son, she tells him he can't because she needs his health insurance. She has been diagnosed with incurable cancer and their life is about to be turned upside down.

Not everyone can write a book about cancer and what happens to a family when a family member gets ill, but Shriver does it very well. With a lot of wit, intelligence and observations on illness and death it actually becomes a book about life and what makes us humans. I laughed, I cried and loved the end. It's a book that makes you think, but not in the way you think. Life is precious and it's up to you to what you make of it. Do what you think is right.

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Maureen said...

When I first heard about this book, it didn't appeal to me at all. You've changed my mind! It sounds a lot better than I would have thought possible. Indeed, thanks to you, I think I will have to read this book now!